A Biased Survey of the Best Tufts Classes

Course selection is coming up soon, so I asked a few of my senior friends (hence the biased sampling) to identify their favorite STEM classes at Tufts. I got back a few answers.

A majority were pretty major-specific…

“My favorite STEM-related class was Physical Organic Chemistry (Chem 151) because it involved class participation and Thomas is really good at explaining difficult concepts. (Class is not offered every semester)”

“Junior Design (EE 31) taught me that failing at something didn’t mean that I could never do it.”

Image Credit: http://scienceclass3000.weebly.com/student-cartoon-room-24.html

“Quantitative physiology lab has been a really cool hands-on way to learn about physiological signals in our own body. Plus, we get to dissect a frog for its sciatic nerve and muscles and see the effects of stimulus, which is pretty kick-a**.”

“My favorite class was DNA: structure and function (BIO 190) with Dr. Sergei Mirkin. Not only was the content fascinating, but also the professor was dynamic, funny, engaging, and a brilliant demonstrator of complex biophysical concepts in macro-scale examples. The Jeopardy-style quiz final was icing on the cake.”

“I think my favorite class is Biomedical Entrepreneurship (BME 194) because of how it tackles the business side of BME. It’s been refreshing change from the very technical engineering courses.”

“Biochem 2 (BIO 172) was one of my favorites because we basically got to spend a whole semester studying a topic of interest to us, which was really rewarding.”

“My favorite STEM class so far is Neurobiology (BIO 134) with Dr. Trimmer. His lectures never cease to amaze me— from humanoid robots to leeches to lobsters, I’m never bored and always curious to learn more.”

…while others couldn’t pick just one…

Image Credit: https://s-media-cacheak0.pinimg.com/

“Discrete Math (COMP 61) was fun and interesting, without the work of the graduate level math-based CS courses. Psychology of Music was also really fun and good for a music credit.”

“I’m not sure how to choose, so I’m going to write about many….

Molecular Biology (BIO 105) was great because Mitch McVey really focused on how to glean good information from primary literature. That class not only introduced me a ton of cool techniques, but also to the practice of reading science.

Susan Koegel is an incredible lecturer, and Cell Biology (BIO 46) with her was one of the coolest classes I’ve taken here. It’s a great crash course in cell biology and behavior, and I find myself calling upon the stuff I learned in that class all the time in my work in lab.

Developmental Biology (BIO 103) introduced me to biological phenomena that continue to blow my mind, and Susan Ernst is a wonderful teacher and truly brilliant.

The last one is Neurobiology (BIO 134). Barry Trimmer is a super engaging lecturer, and it’s hard to not love a class where you learn the molecular basis of learning!”

“I have two favorites,

I enjoyed EN-2 Engineering Graphics and CAD because we got to play around with 3D modeling software, and often worked on my CAD projects as a strategy to procrastinate other homework because they could always be improved and working in 3D was way more fun than problem sets.

Immunology (BIO 104) had so much information, which made me feel like I was really learning a lot that would be useful in my life, and would have been overwhelming if the professor (Bernheim) hadn’t been entertaining, good at telling stories and providing relevant applications, and made sure we knew what we would be tested on. “

“I thought that inorganic chemistry (CHEM 61) was really cool because it actually discussed the majority of the periodic table, and I learned material that really clarified some fundamental concepts from general chemistry.

Also, Physics 11 with Professor Tobin was a great class that really allowed me to see how everything and everyone moves and interacts with the world.”

…and some were just plain sad…

“Orgo lab lecture was great because I got so much work done for my other classes!  Stolow’s voice couldn’t make it to the back row of seats.”

Image Credit: http://www.benstich.com

Hopefully some of these stories help you make some difficult decisions, or see your next requirement in a new light!


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