Story Circles: A Platform for Social Change

Think of a time when you were watching a play and were captivated by the characters onstage. You weren’t questioning what you were seeing, simply enjoying the . A character reveals their true colors, and you see yourself in them. The overwhelming rush of emotion hits you in the chest. You gasp, thinking, “oh, now I understand what this has been about the whole time.” … Continue reading Story Circles: A Platform for Social Change

Speaker Series Recap: Fall 2017

Have you ever been curious about groundbreaking research at Tufts outside of your major, but did not know where to start? Breakthrough, the undergraduate research journal at Tufts, offers a means for students and faculty of different disciplines to connect. In addition to an online blog, Breakthrough hosts the Speaker Series, an initiative through which professors and graduate students can discuss their research and their … Continue reading Speaker Series Recap: Fall 2017

Group Highlight: Active Minds

  “My idea of our club’s success would be if saying ‘I’m going to Counseling Services’ is as normal as saying ‘I’m going to Health Services.’” Active Minds, a DC-based nonprofit, unites young adults under a common cause: raising awareness about and erasing the stigma surrounding mental illness. For the past few years, Active Minds at Tufts has joined the upwards of 400 campus chapters … Continue reading Group Highlight: Active Minds

Luminesce: A BioDramatic Fiction

      When Wally Napier was in high school, he enjoyed performing in theater and participating in science fairs. His rehearsals and the fairs often conflicted, and his school wanted him to pick one or the other, but Napier refused. He saw that each influenced the other – psychology formed the basis of acting exercises, and all the tips about presenting his science fair … Continue reading Luminesce: A BioDramatic Fiction