Speaker Series Recap: Fall 2017

Have you ever been curious about groundbreaking research at Tufts outside of your major, but did not know where to start? Breakthrough, the undergraduate research journal at Tufts, offers a means for students and faculty of different disciplines to connect. In addition to an online blog, Breakthrough hosts the Speaker Series, an initiative through which professors and graduate students can discuss their research and their … Continue reading Speaker Series Recap: Fall 2017

Why is traditional altruism so ineffective?

While this question may sound like what you would hear in philosophy classes, Harvard’s Psychology Professor Joshua Greene took an experimental approach to respond, using the development of neural imaging techniques and the discovery of synaptic plasticity. By incorporating new neuroscience technology, Greene was able to embark his journey in a new field of psychology research, moral cognition, which explores the underlying cognitive mechanisms of moral … Continue reading Why is traditional altruism so ineffective?

Group Highlight: Active Minds

  “My idea of our club’s success would be if saying ‘I’m going to Counseling Services’ is as normal as saying ‘I’m going to Health Services.’” Active Minds, a DC-based nonprofit, unites young adults under a common cause: raising awareness about and erasing the stigma surrounding mental illness. For the past few years, Active Minds at Tufts has joined the upwards of 400 campus chapters … Continue reading Group Highlight: Active Minds

Campus Groups: oSTEM

If you walk into Physics Professor Tim Atherton’s office at the right time of day, you might be lucky enough to see a cascade of rainbows emanating from a small glass award sitting on his windowsill. They represent a particularly apt award for the openly gay physics professor, a subtle nod to the physics of light and an embrace of the LGBTQ community’s rainbow flag. … Continue reading Campus Groups: oSTEM